He Equips the CALLED

Want to hear or be reminded of a promise that could really give you some peace??

God doesn't always call the equipped.. but He does equip those who He calls.

Feeling a pull towards doing something?
But maybe you're worried that you're not ready, qualified or prepared?
God will equip you!

I've faced this several times in life. In missions, relationships & work.

Even when I started coaching, I had no clue how I was going to make things happen or figure out what I was doing.

But God put that opportunity before me & when I accepted it then surrendered it to Him as ministry + how I was choosing to support my family.. He's provided so many outlets for me to GROW.

Reason #9,351 why God is faithful.
He equips.

Follow His call, ready or not.
He'll open doors for you to grow.

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