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As much as I try to stay raw & real on social media, sometimes it can become a "highlight reel."

My heart's desire is to truly share my day to day with the women who follow me on FB, IG, this blog & snap chat.

To transparently share the good, the great, the hard & the sometimes ugly in life. But to talk about how God uses EACH of those moments for good.

My PASSION is ministry & leadership, which is why I LOVE owning my own business as a coach.

My life isn't glamorous.

I post too many photos of my dogs & food.

But I see the positive in most things. And when I don't, I'm determined to try to find it.

I want to live a life that glorifies God, edifies others, shines a LIGHT, honors my family & makes WAVES.

NOW -- that's not all happening on snapchat. But I'd love for you to get to know me more. See my quirks & meet my little family a bit more.

Check out my workouts, meals, silly filtered photos, etc.

Near or far, let's do life together.

You can find me at 👻LindseyKGhoens

Happy snapping!!

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