Mind Body Spirit CHALLENGE

Hey girl -- Do you CRAVE balance?🙋

Do you know self care is important, but YOU usually fall to the bottom of your "to do list" because of how BUSY life is or because of how FULL your plate is each day?

Or maybe you know self care MATTERS, but you're honestly not sure how to get started again in a healthy way that you can also MANAGE.

HEALTHY looks different on EVERYONE.
But selfcare - of your mind, body & spirit - consists of some pretty basic principals that are basically the same for all of us.

-exercise to take care of your body
-eat whole, healthy foods to nourish yourself from the inside-out
-unplug to care for & heal your mind
-surround yourself with positivity & TRUTH to fuel your spirit

Simple right? (or maybe you're like "Girl, I WISH")
It CAN be simple. With the right tools & with the right support system.

Let ME & the Gracefully Balanced community be that system.
Let ME as your "coach" provide the tools & information to equip you.
Let ME as a fellow sister walk or RUN alongside you in this journey!

I want to invite YOU to join my next online wellness group.

I'm dedicated to showing UP & working WITH my challengers.
Holding them accountable, offering tips + support & encouragement.
Guiding them to a well-rounded lifestyle they can MAINTAIN.

This is how it works:

1. Make the decision to implement change. Open your mind!
2. Tell me your goals - where would you like to achieve growth?
3. Pick a program - something that will meet your needs + goals
4. Pick a flavor of your dense, natural superfood blend
5. Commit to plug in daily & do your personal best
6. Change your life, achieve balance & pay it forward

Still have a few questions? Or maybe you're READY to jump?

Email me at lindseykollar@yahoo.com to apply//chat!

Taking CARE of yourself is the best gift you can give yourself & the ones around you.

Make yourself a priority so you lead a fuller, more balanced life!

I have 5 spots left, ladies. Let's chat soon!

*must rsvp by 8/17*

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