September REFRESH Mini Challenge: 3 Day Cleanse

Ever feel like you could use some sort of REBOOT, refresh, recharge or restart?
Maybe you've let loose this summer, are craving a new routine or need to lose a bit of "fluff".
I've been there a few times myself, y'all 🙋
▪︎Needing to reset my system after a minor surgery.
▪︎Before a new program to kickstart.
▪︎In the midst of bad habits after a move.
▪︎When I was craving a clean slate.
▪︎To break thru a fitness plateau.
Well, it's that time again for me. And I'm not going to do it alone! What if I told you that you could jumpstart your routine & feel renewed with me in 3 days?
Good news -- you CAN! So, I'm gearing up for a 5 day mini challenge that will allow myself & a few others to work thru this 3 day, plant based cleanse!
Here's what you can expect from this mini challenge:
☀️ 5 day {private} group
🍴 1 day of food prep
🍏 3 days of the program
📊 1 day post cleanse discussion
👯 Group guidance + accountability
🌳 A plant-based cleanse system
🍓 Fruits, veggies, healthy fats - yep, you get to EAT
🌱 3 daily protein + fiber blends
So if feeling lighter, brighter, refreshed & renewed is something your body or lifestyle needs, email me at or message me to learn more!
Group starts September 1st - must RSVP by 8/25 to join.

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