Brushing with MUD

"My Magic Mud"
all-natural, whitening tooth powder

This stuff is legit. Potentially messy, but effective. MUCH better than the alternatives out there.

1.I had tried using whitening strips in the past, but they bothered my gums and made my teeth zing. Not to mention- those things are kind of pricey.

2. I work in a dental office, but haven't see great results coming out from the in house whitening that most practices offer. Also, HELLA expensive.

3. Although I've seen custom whitening trays work for some, I'm not at ALL a candidate because of how sensitive my teeth are. These are major bucks, but you'll have the trays for ever.

4. I tried using activated charcoal capsules, thanks to pinterest, but it was MEGA messy and really inconvenient.

THEN, I saw a fellow beachbody coach posting about this magical mud she had been using and straight to amazon I went.

(check it out here)

Reviews Read. Order Placed. Thank God for amazon prime, I had it for free shipping in less than 12 hours..

MUD perks: at-home, easy application, non-GMO, raw, vegan, chemical free, kid friendly, no fluoride.

I've used it three days this week & have already noticed a difference. I will post more photos after a couple more weeks, but for now here is my night one experience!

 Be super duper careful not to get this stuff all over- it's a pain to clean up. Also, if you use this in the morning before work, be sure to stop in front of the mirror and make sure you got it all off your face.. I have NO clue who would forget to do something like that :)

SQUEAKY clean!

I will be using this probably every 2-3 days for a couple of weeks.. In the evening, replacing my tooth paste.

Happy Brushing

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