creating an empire starts with dreams

It's funny because when I started this blog, I thought I'd be writing about Beachbody ALL the time and the business I am learning to build. But the is my first post.. Why? Well, I primarily share about my business on Facebook amongst people that I know.. Sharing this part of my life on a pubic blog is kind of a different ball game.

But I've been at this now for about 8 months now, and besides Jesus, I don't know that I've ever TRULY believed in anything more.. This is what I was made for. This doesn't mean beachbody necessarily.. This means the opportunity I have SEIZED. Please let me explain..


I know a lot of you either still don't get it or wonder but don't want to ask me..

"Why did you join beachbody? It's just fitness.. It's probably not a long term opportunity.. You might get tired of it.."

I could tell you all day long that this is a genius business model (it is).. and that the battle to end the trend of obesity has only just begun (it has). I could tell you I wanted to get the best shape of my life (I do).. but is that REALLY what lights a fire in me to create success every day??? It only scratches the SURFACE, my friends...

I refuse defeat and to push through rejection on a daily basis because I chose back in August and I CHOOSE again every single day to pursue my dreams...

Before I became a coach and started my business, I don't think anyone had ever asked me what those were.. I don't think I could have even voiced them to you clearly. Not anymore.. I have a clear VISION and am creating the path to get there one day at a time.

I dream to provide financial security so that Nate can choose what he would like to do one day after his military career ends.

I dream to leave a legacy behind of serving others with heart and helping change peoples lives from the inside out.

I dream of being present with my nuggets one day that might actually have hands and feet.. and NOT stressing about choosing family or a career.

I dream of a mobile business providing a freedom of TIME... creating a life by design that allows us to not only explore our world, but also be available to our family and friends during important life moments.

I dream of giving back in abundance to not only the Lord, but our community, friends and family... to be a channel or blessing, rather than a reservoir.

I don't care that I'm busy and sacrifice things and time now.. I CHOOSE to live unlike everyone else now, so that one day I CAN like unlike everyone else.

God, grant me perseverance, diligence, humility and resiliency to create a business that honors you, serves others and allows Nate and I to create our life by design.

I have NO degree and NO special qualifications. I have BIG ole dreams and a whole LOT of hustle.. I will learn through failure and pass along my knowledge to my team. This is what being an entrepreneur is.. and I accept the challenge.

Lindsey Grace

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