stitch fix #2

I meant to post about my second fix a couple of weeks ago, but time has gotten away from me.

If you aren't familiar with what Stitch Fix is, check out my first blog post HERE.

To see what my first "fix" looked like & which items I kept, look HERE.

This go around, my stylist's name was Lauren. Lauren said that she decided to select some transitional spring pieces (per my request) based on the color pallet of my pinterest board. See really did take my notes and color schemes into consideration, some of the items just weren't "me."

Did this burst my bubble? Nope! I knew when signing up for this service, that it would take my stylist time to get to know me. I also knew that if I didn't LOVE something, I wouldn't keep it. Whether I decide to keep one or all five of the items each shipment, I still enjoy Stitch Fix for what it is:: A fun and convenient option for busy gals wanting to look cute :)

Okay so let's dive right in, shall we?

{{I apologize in advance for the lighting this time!}}


1. Skies are Blue:: Ted Chiffon Trim Blouse

This top I actually could have seen myself wearing. I thought the cut was cute and love the detail in the back! I was a little taken aback by the print, spoken from the simplest in me, and decided that since I hesitated, I wouldn't keep it. In retrospect, this could have been totally darling with a blazer, denim jacket or my olive colored JCrew jacket.


2. Desires:: Hampstead Sweater

This little sweater was actually very cute, comfortable and fit like a glove. The little snob in me had seen that many other women subscribed to Stitch Fix recently received the exact same item though...

 How do I know this? Nerd Alert: I am a member of the "Stitch Fix BST" group on Facebook. It's a group of women who share the items that thy received either for advice/feed back OR to buy/sell/trade. It's kind of genius if you receive a shipment where you love everything but ONE item. Current users know that with SF, if you keep all five items, you get 20% off your entire order. SO, you can post the item in this group and more than likely, one of the THOUSANDS of members has been waiting for that exact piece in your size. Problem solved. Five items kept. 20% discount in the bag! I digress..


3. Octavia:: Jerrell Graphic Print Infinity Scarf

Love at first sight. Unique. Soft. Versatile. Kept it!!
Need I say more?


4. Tart:: Maxine Knit Chevron Jacket

This item caught my eye initially because it was so unique; however, the simplest in me (AGAIN) decided that I couldn't handle this major of a print in a jacket. This was a dress up or down kind of piece. In my opinion, it was have been better with some sort of hood or collar.

My decision: No-Go. It was more of a feeling.. hoping for a different jacket in my next shipment thought because I love layering!!


5. Skies are Blue:: Janson Dress

I love some chambray. I also love pockets. This dress would have been a winner, if it weren't for the box fit over my curvy body. Would have been SO cute with sandals or wedges. Layered or on it's own.


So if you don't have quite the creative mind and are at a loss on how to wear your new items, reference over to the custom style cards for each item. There will be a dress up or dress down option for you to draw inspiration from!

**Some of my fellow nerds in the Facebook "Stitch Fix BST" group actually laminate these and keep them in their closet! Don't judge..**

Even though I only kept one item from this shipment, I am SO excited for the next box to arrive in a couple of weeks. Typically, I will have one of these arrive every other month.. but since I only kept the scarf, I decided I should get another one sooner :)

Give it a try HERE, y'all!!!

Happy Shopping,

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