Stitch Fix #1

The Christmas morning sensation closely compares the feeling of elation I experienced when my Stitch Fix box arrived today. The thrill of wondering if the stylist would magically get a sense of my taste the first month combined with the anxiety of whether or not any of the pieces would fit were the causes of my immediate opening!

First of all, I was in LOVE the the aesthetics of the packaging. The tiffany blue lined box, styling cards and individually wrapped items in tissue paper made my heart start beating faster.. don't judge :)

My to do list yesterday was a nearly impossible feat so I bargained with myself that I would look at the items now and not stress about trying them on until tomorrow.

(insert giant laugh here)

Okay, time for a piece by piece run down!

#1. B_Envied: Laney Draped Open Cardigan
[[this is a size small & the fit was perfection]]

As SOON as I pulled this cardi out of the box, I KNEW it was a keeper. Worn night 1. Ha. Paired with black denim pants, black long sleeved shirt, black riding boots, black marc jacobs watch and gold monogrammed pendant. #classic

#2. Kensie Jeans: Johnny Skinny Jeans
[[size 0//25" waist denim, fits TRUE to size.. length was also spot on!]]


I am terribly cheap when it comes to purchasing denim. These pants were $88, but I could TOTALLY see & FEEL why when I put them on... these are staying in my closet. And I bet you they will out last the other less expensive pairs that I have bought in the past. Quality wins here!

#3. Mystree: Abigail Colorblock Lace Trim Top
[[size small fit like a tunic, but not in a baggy sort of way. Bottom hem sits below waist]]

So this shirt is beautiful, but I wasn't a fan of the sleeve cut on me. I have decided that unless my gut reaction is LOVE IT, I am sending it back. Side note, this top would be precious with a cardigan and skinny jeans or tucked into a pencil skirt!

#4. Fate: Kirk Sheer Shoulder Sweater
[[size small fit short because of my 32D chest.. beware big chested ladies that it will ride up above waist]]

While I liked the idea of the 3/4 dolman style sweater with multiple mediums in the fabrics, the fit was wrong for my body. Although I have a short torso, I have large lady lumps.. which means that I have to watch out for any tops that are cropped above the waist. This is definitely a piece that could be for day or evening wear, but my gut says no. Try try again! :)

#5. Bay to Baubles: Icarus Wavy Pave Circle Studs
[[this stud is about the size of a nickel with a brushed gold finish]]


I wear studs on a daily basis, so I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a new pair. I can't say that I would normally pick these out, but I'm on the fence about whether or not they should stay in my closet. I don't know how much I'd wear them with my casual clothes, but they do seem perfect with a couple of my skirts and jumpsuits.. Gotta simmer on these!

I was going to set up my stitch fix for every other month, but since I will only be keeping a couple of items this month, I'm setting the next one up for 4 weeks from now! I set up a pinterest inspiration board and linked it to my account to give my stylist a better idea of what I'm looking for in the future.. I can't WAIT to see what next month's fix will bring!

Feed back on the studs anyone???

Click here if YOU want to give stitch fix a try.

XO, linz

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