Refresh: Day THREE!!

I made it- HALLELUJAH!

I'll tell you what, in three short days I'm feeling pretty darn fabulous. I've truly enjoyed doing this refresh program, but am grateful that it was only three days long, given that this is my first ever cleanse. I can't wait to share with you my results!

Let me walk you through the highlights of my final day.

One of my favorite parts of this program is the requirement of herbal tea throughout the day. I personally am a hot tea lover, so implementing this was no issue for me; I don't, however, make time to drink this on a daily basis. I realize now that I definitely should!

I got a late start on my Saturday, but decided to stay on track with my cleanse.. even if it meant morning tea at 1:30!

Until Saturday afternoon, I had spent nearly the first 36 hours of my cleanse at home- partially because I work from home at the end of the week & also because it was COLD out and I didn't plan to change our of my PJs/slippers.

Despite being out and about, I planned my timeline for the day, packed what I needed to and hit the road. I decided to grace the nail salon for a shellac and Target for a 60 minute "stroll..." I like to think that my hobbies help the economy!

(I felt obligated to share this)

I didn't get a shot of my lunch this day, because I INHALED it as soon as I got home from my errands. My meal consisted of fresh blueberries [YUM], cucumber & hummus with my vanilla fresh shake.

I took my shake on the go while I ran out to take my love muffins for some exercise.

My FINAL refresh meal was another vanilla fresh shake (with lemon) and a veggie steam-fry: broccoli, asparagus, and red pepper cooked in olive oil and water sprinkled with some red pepper flakes! De.Lish.

 I definitely plan to do the refresh again! I feel that it would be something great to do for my body once per quarter. Nothing like a fresh start!

Results tomorrow <3 p="">

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