February Faves: Product Junkie, Healthy Munchie & Pooch Accessory

I love trying new things, but it doesn't happen all that often because when I find a favorite I STICK with it! This month, I've tried a few new things, I guess I'm feeling frisky, and want to share all of them with you!

1. Product junkie:

Growing up in the southern states, you will hear often "the higher the hair, the closer to Jesus."

I have been a hair spray and teasing brush ADDICT for years. I have used numerous types of root boosters when blow drying. Have no fear, I will pump up my locks, but is it all necessary? Lord knows, I'm sure it's not all healthy!

During my recent color experience with Ash Fortis of G Patton (read here), I was introduced to this dry texturizing spray. Not only can you spray this bad boy through sections of your hair at the root then massage your scalp for a no-tease VOLUMINOUS look, you can also use it as a finishing spray

Little bit here, little bit there.. and voila

This is SUCH an awesome product to have on hand.. you might not use it every day, but you'll wish you had.


Oribe Dry Texture Spray-Head:

..'nough said. 

2. [healthy] munch:

Oh man, these are a game changer, y'all!

The problem with any old joe-shmoe protein bar is the SUGAR content.. and we all know, sugar is crack. SO you're basically paying a few bucks to fuel your cravings for junk. Counter-productive, right?

You can't go wrong with these bars though.

First of all, there are a ZILLION yummy flavors, ranging from oreo --> apple pie --> s'mores --> cinnamon rolls --> cookie dough --> PB&J. The list goes on.. Seriously.

Then, there's the whole nutritional facts:

Gluten Free
20+ Grams of Protein
High in Fiber
Under 200 calories
ONE Gram of Sugar

I love these bars for a mid morning snack, a post workout protein punch or a late night craving smasher. Nom Nom Nom

If you can't pick just one flavor, try the variety pack to figure out which concoctions are you favorites! If you can't find the assortment you like directly through quest, Amazon is SURE to have it..

3. [pooch] accessory:

Buyer Beware: Your dog may choose this bed over you. With a micro-suede exterior in YOUR color of choice and a sherpa interior, you might consider curling up in this warm cloud of coziness yourself!

I originally bought this bed because I had seen that it was a HUGE hit for dog breeds that were cuddlers, cold easily or like sleeping under the covers. For any GSP owner, you just said check.check.check.

I was SO excited to see what Tannyn's reaction would be when this came in the mail!

She hasn't fully come to appreciate what this has to offer, being that she currently wants to roll around and sniff EVERY inch of it, but her sister Moose sure has.

There may be a second cave in our future...

Alrighty, well I'm no Oprah, but that's the February Edition of "Lindsey's Favorite Things"

..shoot I forgot instaprint. Just check back next month!


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