{holy} stitch fix, batman !

Over the past few months, I've heard bits about this website called::

"Stitch Fix"

When I first saw posts about it on Facebook, I assumed it would be WAY too expensive.
Nate and I had looked into signing him up for "Trunk Club" in the past, until we discovered that the average trunk could cost $1000+. Woah, right? I kept on scrolling and didn't think about it anymore.

Recently, I actually saw some photos of the pieces that were sent to a gal on Facebook and figured I should at least investigate the situation. I realized that you could actually "choose your budget" for each clothing category and decided to give it a shot.

Let me walk you through how it works!

1) Take a Personal Style Quiz
~creating a profile will help your stylist get to know you~

2) Receive 5 Personalized Pieces at your Doorstep
~try on all of the goodies hand-picked according to your style and budget~

3) Keep What You Love & Send Back the Rest
~yep, only pay for what you keep!~

FYI the process of setting up your profile is SO fun..
You can get SUPER specific with your measurements, how you like your clothing to fit, pieces you need to add to your wardrobe and budget for each category (layering pieces, pants, accessories, etc). You can even link your pinterest to your account so they can SEE what you like!!

I am waiting EAGERLY for my first stitch fix to arrive {on Monday!}.. so I will be SURE to keep everyone posted.

I figure month one will be more of testing the waters:: did I list my sizing correctly, have they gotten a grasp of my style, do I want them to focus on certain pieces in the future..

Feel free to give it a shot for a month, you get to choose how often you would like your "fix" :)

Give it a Whirl && let me know what you think!

lindsey grace

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