3 Day Refresh: RESULTS

Life happens.. We aren't perfect.. Sometimes it's nice to start fresh. 

I decided to do this for my body last week and am SO glad I did.

During the course of three days, I used a program called the '3 Day Refresh' which is a plant-based cleanse consisting of multiple shakes and a 'produce plan'. I didn't starve myself, I even got to eat food a few times EACH day. By boosting my fiber & intaking plenty of protein during this low calorie cleanse, I boosted my metabolism and detoxified my body.. Losing weight & inches during the process.

Coming from some one who has NEVER done any sort of cleanse before, I can tell you that it is worth it and entirely do-able.

You're welcome, body!

[to read more about WHAT the 3 Day Refresh is and if YOU could benefit from it, check out this post.]

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