my hair's soulmate:: ash fortis

I had one of the greatest experiences on Sunday getting my hair done! But before I GUSH on the details, let's travel back in time to October 2014.

October was a time that my hair, for the most part, was a blank canvas. I had been seeing the same sassy stylist in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach for about 3 years, mostly for cuts and only in the past 8 months for color. My first experience with color was "okay".. not bad, but not great. I left feeling like I paid a lot for a little. The next time I went in, I was armed- with photos and more descriptive phrases like: I'd love a warm balayage look with fun, warm blondish tones placed throughout.. but with some face framing pieces.. THIS time, I left feeling like a HOT mess. After two corrective appointments, no apologies and paying nearly $180 twice in three weeks for results I was less than impressed with, I decided to part ways and find a new stylist.. can you see why?
 (I'm the gal on the left with the natural, brunette hair)   

(I am now the girl with the insanely chucky pieces of I'm not sure what color)

**BTW:: this was after the second appointment, during which I asked him to tone down my PLATINUM chunks with straight lines throughout my hair.. appointment #3.. sad, right? **

After this fiasco, I was short $300+, while left feeling embarrassed, upset and disappointed.

Over the same weekend, a co-worker of mine visited a locally-renown colorist that she had been following for quite sometime on Facebook and instagram.. her name is Ash Fortis. When I saw my friend's hair after her appointment, I IMMEDIATELY began following Ash. For a couple of months, I silently admired her work.. wishing all the while I had seen her to begin with. Then, I started making comments and liking her posts.

One day, Ash advertised a course she would be offering to local stylists that admired her balayage technique-- the style of color that I had originally requested before my fiasco.. I mean "October transformation."

I, half jokingly & half serious, commented on the post that I was meaning to see her anyways and said something along the lines of "will you need a model for this? :) " Surprisingly, she sent me a private message stating I could send her photos of my hair, because she did in fact need someone for this course.

A few selfies later, she said that I was a good candidate and we put it on the books.. then I waited patiently with excitement for about 5 weeks to see her. Besides her sending me a few inspiration photos via FB, all of the color combos were different but displayed a general vision, I had no idea what I would be getting that day-- besides a balayage inspired look.

I didn't care, I trusted her. I had seen her work. This girl has talent.

I went in Sunday morning to a GORGEOUS salon located in Norfolk, VA: G Patton.

There was great music playing, mimosas waiting to be sipped and EVERYONE was friendly. The environment was bright and fresh- right up my alley!

This was the set up for her course. As I began to walk around, I got butterflies.
Good, excited butterflies!

Not only did I get a wonderful new "do" this weekend, but I actually felt a little more educated about my hair! I felt CONFIDENT that Ash was doing what would be most flattering for my skin, appropriate for the season and healthy for the condition of my hair itself. I was blown away by her technical skills, creativity, vision and ability to articulate each of these things to her attendees.

I'm still in shock from my results..

Within a matter of a couple of hours, my hair had been transformed!

I told you she was amazing, right!?

I encourage you to make a trip to see this gal! She would be worth the drive and investment, hands down.

To check out her other amazing work, find her on Facebook "Ash Fortis" or follow her on instagram @xostylistxo .

Thank you for a WONDERFUL experience, Ash!

xo, Linz

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  1. Found your blog through this post - love it (And Ash - I had an experience similar to yours and will never ever trust someone else with my hair but Ash!) . Looking forward to reading more!