An Open Letter to Myself Pre Homecoming Week

Okay, Lindsey... You've done this a couple of times before, learn from your mistakes. Create a home of love and hospitality. Don't stress and become anxious to the point you'll give yourself a cold sore... oh wait ;)

Your patience has paid off.. you have ONE more check mark on your 30 week count down! It's time for the final stretch.. and your favorite part:: LIST MAKING & ACCOMPLISHING!

So go and make sure your chores are complete::

1. Brazilian Wax
2. Stock Nate's favorite bourbon/beer and grab some cigars
3. Get the truck detailed
4. Clean house and pretend you kept it that way the whole time
5. Put his shampoo, soap, etc. back in the bathroom.. and make ROOM in the drawer by the sink.. you don't NEED every brush, hair tie, make up brush and lip stick in there.
6. Have a freshly mowed yard.. dudes dig that
7. Make a "honey do list" and DON'T HOLD BACK
(kitchen sink, side yard, fence repair, clean garage, master bath and dryer vent)
8. Fill fridge and pantry
9. Clean sheets on bed

Then, focus on your mental prep::

1. The towels in the linen closet do NOT have to be folded/facing the same way
2. Your life does not only revolve around your schedule
3. Practice sleeping on ONE side of the bed
4. The door should be closed when you're in the bathroom
5. Your new sleeping hours probably not his
6. You WILL have to start cooking meals again.. real meals.. like recipes with steps.. Quest bars are not dinner.
7. Be more flexible and willing to go with the flow
8. Shower more.. and act like you don't hate it
9. Remember that you're...... not...... always..... right..... and don't wince when you say it

But first, start praying daily for::

1. patience
2. peace
3. understanding
4. forgiveness
5. humility
6. an appreciative spirit
7. a heart of gratitude
8. gentleness

Try and remember that while you were busy living with your favorite roomie the past 7 months (yourself.. duh), the hubby had to share a converted storage cube with another person every night and a bathroom with countless other nasty dudes... and while he might have picked up some bad habits, he smiled through those circumstances almost every day!

Let the toilet seat up thing slide..  for a couple of days :) Let him choose where to go for dinner. Let him call some shots and welcome his ideas... Make him feel needed and that he is filling a hole he left behind... let him DO. Make him overflow with happiness to be home!

It's time to take a break from a part of yourself that you've become very proud of, but hate having to summon initially. Put away the tough shell and the "I don't need any help" attitude. Know your worth and appreciate your strengths, but lean on your spouse and share responsibility. He is SO innovative, helpful and generous.. REMIND him of that. Don't forget to say thank you and tell him when he's doing a great job. 

Remember how much you missed him during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, St. Patrick's Day, President's Day, Cinco De Mayo and Memorial Day.. tell him often. Tell him you missed the way he HOGS the water in the shower..  and that you missed the way he waters the flowers when you forget to.. the way he leaves you little notes in the car or in the fridge.. that time he surprised you with a weekend away in DC.. how he researches and plans fun camping trips.. and indulges you on your silly ideas.. the way he wakes up early to let the dogs out on the weekends because he knows you can't fall back asleep.

Remember to unplug and spend focused time with your husband. Thank the Lord daily he came home to you and was excited about it (and while you're at it, pray for the families that didn't get a homecoming). Pray to have a willingness to be a submissive wife that trusts the direction of her husband. Seek GOOD counsel and spend your time with other's wisely. Be a Proverbs 31 woman.

Be a resource to others, rather than a reservoir of blessing.
Thank everyone that helped or even offered to while your better half was away- return the favor.

And stop eating chocolate and picking at your nails the next few days... You'll be glad next week that you took my advice.

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