Hacka-Lackas & Coconut Oil

I am a TOTAL life hack fan & when I came across these, I knew I had to share!

Hack Numero UNO::


So there's basically nothing to describe here, but when I saw this no the inter-web I literally thought "WHY DID I NEVER THINK OF THAT BEFORE!?"

BOOM- oats in a minute & cooked to perfection. Just add toppings. My favorites: Fruit, chocolate chips {ahem}, coconut, vanilla beans, peanut butter, etc.

Hack Numero DOS::

{Straw, Blue, Rasp} Berry Cleanse

Nate & I eat fruit like it's candy. No really, it's how we stay away from it. When I hit the store on the weekends, I usually buy every berry on the shelf. But usually mid-week, I'm having to sift through them for the nuggets without mold on them.

You feeling me?
Okay, grab your berries, some vinegar, a large bowl and water.

Soak your berries in a 10:1 ratio of water to vinegar. For 2 pounds of strawberries, I used 1/2 C. white vinegar and 5 cups of water. If we had more berries laying around the house, I would have used this mixture again. Soak the berries for 2 minutes and rinse them thoroughly. The vinegar is supposed to kill any mold producing spores, lengthening the shelf life.

Hack Numero TRES::

Toilet Cleaner + Toothbrush Grout Cleaning Method

Ever wonder how to get that DEEP set gunk out of your grout?

Now, this method is a little time consuming, but worked like a CHARM! Just turn on a good audio book, throw on some junky clothes & get comfortable on the floor.

Work by section, using the Clorox toilet bowl cleaner (which squeezes out in a gel form) to line your grout- apply liberally. Let this sit on the grout for about 10 minutes before you come back & SCRUB. Let the scrubbed grout sit for another 5 minutes before you wipe up the excess Clorox & clean with a wet sponge. Repeat until things are looking squeaky clean!


Okay, I mentioned something super random about coconut oil. Have you ever tried it in your COFFEE?? I did today & oh-my-lanta! CREAMY, frothy, no-guilt goodness.

Hot Coffee
Coconut Oil

{if you're feeling frisky, add cinnamon/vanilla/nutmeg/etc}

Make sure you give all of these a try & let me know what you think! 

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