Master Bedroom Update on a Budget!

Here's the promised post about our master bedroom update {on a budget}!!

So if you know me well, you know that I LOVE all things pottery barn, restoration hardware, crate and barrel & so on. BUT, as much as I love the looks of their furniture and design, we're just simply not at a place in our life that we can afford that kind of bedroom update.. and if I'm being totally honest, I don't think I could bring myself to pay that much even IF we had the $$.

So let me clue you in on where I HUNT for quality items at a lower price. Just know that you MUST be willing to take your time looking for what you want and do your research on how it's made, but it's so worth it!!

These are my GO TO places to hunt for furniture and home decor!
TJ Maxx

Not only did these stores & sites help us update our bedroom, but the majority of my house the past couple of years!

Here was my original inspiration with a heavy price tag::

Gorgeous, right???

I was envisioning something simple, with clean lines, a little rustic, slightly mismatched & a smidge romantic.

I wanted something I could create with a few pieces and add to over time or swap out bits & pieces as I felt like it.

Here is where we're at now!

I want you to know that wall color can make a HUGE difference in how your room looks- it can make your furniture look different in color and your room appear LARGER.

The house we just recently moved into was built over the summer and by the time we found it, the walls were already painted. I have to say that I'm not much of a tan gal myself, don't love the yellow undertones, but I can work with them! I chose items that would work in the room we have now, with the paint color that was there, but that will also transition into our next home with walls the color I choose- probably a faint grey!

So let's get down to the nitty gritty.
I'm going to show you what we wanted & what we ended up finding!

What We Wanted
(Pottery Barn, $1299, link HERE)

What We Got
(, less than $400, link HERE)

What We Wanted:
(Restoration Hardware, $796 each, link HERE)

What We Got:
(, $139 each, link HERE)

What We Wanted:
(Crate and Barrel, $170, link HERE)

What We Got:
(, $ I got an additional % off, link HERE)

What We Wanted:
(Pottery Barn, $140 each, link HERE)

What We Got:
(TJ Maxx STORE, $40 each WITH shade.. no link,
but they always have a version of the mercury lamps on the shelves!)

What We Wanted:
(Pottery Barn, $249 each, link HERE)

What We Got:
(Target, $25 each, link HERE)

What We Wanted:
(Pottery Barn, $49, link HERE)
(Pottery Barn, $35, link HERE)

What We Got:
( for the monogrammed case $15
Ross STORE for the faux fur, pattern lumbar and round tufted pillow- all under $12 each)

What We Wanted:
(Restoration Hardware, $159, link HERE)

What We Got:
(Target, $45, link HERE)

What We Wanted:
(Pottery Barn, $49, link HERE)

What We Got:
(TJ Maxx, $10, no link, but they carry
these in store ALL the time)

FYI::The little trinkets like candles, moss balls, picture frames, etc were from TJ Maxx and Target!

Friends, you don't have to dump mega bucks into a room to make it beautiful! Hop on to pinterest or some of your favorite websites to draw inspiration- save photos in one place. Then slowly start looking at other websites for items that compare & look for COUPONS or wait to see if they go sale during a holiday weekend.

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  1. Looks Amazing! You have a great eye for design. I so want to redo my bedroom and hopefully will soon . I always end up doing the girls rooms instead :)