Fall Refresh Results

How the heck did I forget to share my Fall Refresh Results from a month or so ago??? Oh yeah, because life is crazy 😉

I decided to do this 3 day, vegan, plant based cleanse to jump start my routine again after weeks and weeks of inconsistent nutrition and activity because of our move. I owed it to myself to boost my metabolism, clean out my insides and lose that bloat... to FEEL better!

I'm not a fan of juice cleanses.. or starvation for that matter (HA). First of all, I appreciate being able to chew something each day.. something about ingesting solid foods, right?? Also, I have no need for all that sugar from juicing! This program, called the 3 Day Refresh, is the perfect combination of plant proteins and chewable-produce for me❤️

My sweet hubby decided to support me by following the same program and I think he was pretty impressed by how easy it was and how he didn't few starved day in and day out. 

The refresh is something I do on a quarterly to six month basis. We service our homes and vehicles so why not do a little tune up every now and again for your digestive system? Oh, and feel awesome afterwards! #nobrainer

Aside from occasional maintenance, the refresh was perfect for me even after I recovered from hernia surgery this spring and wanted to flush all the meds out of my system. You see? It's an awesome option for many different scenarios depending on what YOU have going on in your life!

So here it is.. My results from 3 days of potato protein shakes, fiber boosts and  produce.

👇 down 4.5", 3.5 lbs. & BLOAT

👆 up energy level, mental clarity and pep in step level... Oh and healthy poops. I went there 🙈

Think you could benefit from a good REFRESH after that Thanksgiving meal you have planned? I think so too! Drop your email below for information or find me on FB and reach out!

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