Post Thanksgiving REFRESH Invitation


You know when you enjoy ALL that DELICIOUS food that you don't normally eat? Its totally worth it, right? Its SO YUMMY!! But then... a day or so later - you feel like you can't breathe & your pants are snug! AH!! 

I am excited to eat YUMMY food with my family, but I am also determined to not GO NUTS and UN-DO all of my hardwork.... 

If you're like me, you could really benefit from a healthy 3 day cleanse after the feast! 

I want to invite 10 of you to complete a 3 Day REFRESH Cleanse after Thanksgiving!!

It's pretty amazing, because when you're done with this REFRESH plan - you'll feel like you never indulged in all that heavy food!! 

Last time I did this PLANT-BASED cleanse, I lost almost 4lbs and my hubby lost about 5lbs! ... and we actually ate quite a bit!!

3 Days. Detox. Refresh. & Reboot after Thanksgiving. 

No crazy juice cleanse that will destroy your organs or starve your body. 
Plant based meals. 

VERY gentle fiber sweep that isn't going to make you run to the bathroom. 

Moderate exercise is okay too. 

Message me on FB (LindseyKollarGhoens) OR email me ( if you want one of the 10 spots! 

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