Back to Basics August Challenge: Apply Now

August is quickly approaching & I'm in the final stages of prep to host a Back to Basics Challenge Group with my ‪#‎GracefullyBalanced‬ team!

Why do I host & 'advertise' these groups each month?

- because I was never truly consistent until I had the accountability!
Community & support IS the missing link in a healthy lifestyle. It's time to pay it FORWARD.

Why do I believe so strongly in the programs I pair people with?

- because fitness & nutrition doesn't have to be confusing!
30 minutes a day of exercise & simple, whole foods is all it takes. It worked for me 20 pounds ago. Time to pay it FORWARD.

I'm no magician & I surely won't give you an overnight solution, but I WILL hold you accountable to your goals, provide you with an environment that encourages growth & get you set up with tools that will compliment your healthy lifestyle and help you reach your goals.

No if's, and's or but's.

Accountability + Fitness + Nutrition -- WORKS.

You can keep doing it your own way, or you can join us! We're moving on to total body wellness no matter who hops on this train.

Our Back to Basics group starts August 1 & I'm finalizing selections now.

To learn more & apply to snag a spot - email me at !!

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