Proud to be a Teambeachbody Coach

One of the things I care about most is that I build my business & lead my team with my heart, passion & integrity - above ALL else.

Did you know there are 200+ million people in North America who are overweight & obese? But if I'm being honest & speaking from the heart, the only thing I care equally about as people being healthy is how they FEEL everyday about themselves!

Are they happy & confident?
Are they uncomfortable in their own skin?
Are they cutting their life short due to poor daily choices?
Are they missing out on memories because of a lack of confidence?
Are they feeling alone or like something's just missing?

I've learned a lot from Beachbody's CEO - Carl Daikeler - AND from my amazing mentor, dear friend & leader - Brittany LeGette. And y'all -- I've got to share our passion for who a 'COACH' really is.

This machine of a business is built on heart 
We have THE solution for a population that really wants, craves & needs CHANGE -- y'all, I can say this, because I WAS one of those people.

Team Beachbody takes the group of people who NEED change and they give the opportunity to make an income off of our OWN fitness // wellness success. 

Helping people go from OBESE to NOT - plus giving them a financial lever to do so - THAT truly is unlike anything else.

The business model is there.
The products are simply unrivaled.
The access is these tools is SO convenient.
And the support is really just one of a kind. 

Our products work. And we get paid to have results.

Some would say this is the total package -- but one thing is missing, which is the >work< that we've GOT to do.

WE have to be the ones though to press play on our 30 minute workout in our garage or living room every day. WE have to fuel our bodies with Shakeology & healthy foods -- which includes the occasional donuts.

When we do that though. Those simple, consistent behaviors.. The results WILL come. There's just no way around it.

Beachbody guarantees this formula so much - that they will GIVE you your money back. And if that's not proven confidence - I really don't know what is..

Coaches share the journey.
We don't push the product.
We connect with people.

And we find something that's going to HELP + SERVE.

Why WOULDN'T you be a coach?! 

We are a network focused on relationships, solution & change... & it works.

And that's why I am proud to be a Team Beachbody Coach.

(Thank you, Britt for your never ending inspiration. And for introducing me to this amazing opportunity that's making WAVES!)

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