Mindset Shift: Healthy Eating

I did it once too.. I had the common mentality and misperception that it was just "super expensive to eat healthy.."

But have you ever stopped to wonder why that processed stuff you're buying is SO cheap? What's actually IN that food and what it does for & TO your body?

Y'all, healthy food is way cheaper in the long run than health problems. YOU do the math.

And if you ask me, it's worth the "sacrifice" of the fancy coffee, getting my nails done or the extra target trip to fuel my body properly so that I live a longer, healthier life with the ones I love.

That's why I choose eating healthy & why both Nate and I drink shakeology every.single.day. And we do so without breaking the bank, in fact we're on the Dave Ramsey plan.

Change your mindset, change your life. Educate yourself and care for your temple 🍴

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