22 Minute Hard Corps HALFWAY Results

Golly GEE.. I can't believe that it's been FOUR weeks since I logged my starting point and popped in my first 22 Minute Hard Corps DVD. Being a part of this test group has been SUCH an honor & honestly although it's HARD work.. I'd do it 100 more times.

I DON'T take it lightly that I've been given this opportunity. I know my "job" is to stay committed & get results that will INSPIRE others to seek change in their lives.

So that's what I do. I wake up each morning, determine to give my ALL. I stick to the meal plan and drink shakeology daily, without fail. I give EVERY ounce of effort in my during the workouts & push myself to my limits.

That hard work and commitment in just FOUR weeks has already produced some great results including inches and pounds lost. But most importantly for me, I'm feeling PROUD. I'm feeling stronger than I was before. I'm feeling more energize and EXCITED to see what I'll be able to accomplish TODAY that I maybe couldn't yesterday.

I can't wait to share my final results and go into DETAIL about how 22 Minute Hard Corps has impacted my day to day life. The test group I'm in is just phenomenal. Tony Horton is an AMAZING trainer that keeps you so motivated all while laughing at his silly jokes and wanted to PUNCH him from pushing you as far as he knows you CAN go.

If you have ANY doubts about this program being something you can do.. STOP.

This program is TWENTY-TWO minutes, y'all.
It's functional fitness.. a TOTAL body workout.
A meal plan that you can STICK with.
Shakes that will maximize your results.
A program that actually surprises you with what you're MADE OF.

If I can, you can. I BELIVE in each of you!

To stay up to date on release information for #22HardCorps follow THIS link and drop your email.

In the mean time.. I'm off to tackle these last FOUR weeks and #GETSOME .

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