Love Yourself: February Challenge

boy is it not about being perfect, y'all.. if it was, I would be a failure.

wellness is about giving yourself grace- embracing your flaws and shortcoming, but seeking balance each day & doing your personal BEST.

one of my deepest desires as a coach is for women to find balance by making their wellness (mind + body + spirit) a priority.

-it's not selfish to take 30 minutes a day to exercise..
-well rounded nutrition isn't for people with excess money/time on their hands..
-and it's certainly not vanity to pursue a healthier you.

Getting back to the BASICS of fitness and nutrition each day, believe it or not, CAN make you a better wife.. girlfriend.. mother.. daughter ..sister ..friend ..student ..employee.. the list goes on.

I don't create groups each month for perfectionist. I don't provide you with a magical overnight solution. I AM providing you with tools and an environment for you to learn to LOVE yourself, >better< care for those around you and to create a sustainable lifestyle that honors the One who gave you life in the first place.

the focus of my february accountability group is this..

progress not perfection.
LOVE yourself by caring for your temple.
Give yourself GRACE & find BALANCE.

To learn more about how you can join this challenge, email me at: OR apply HERE by SATURDAY 1/30!

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