Love YOURSELF, February Challenge

We've all heard it before that you can't love the people around you the way they should be loved, if you don't first love yourself.. this means accepting your flaws and caring for yourself spiritually, mentally & physically.

Are you doing this? Are you giving yourself GRACE? Are you maintaining balance in your life? Are you being the best wife, mom, teacher, student, friend, employee you can be because you've made >yourself< a priority?

In February, I want to help *10 women* love themselves again.. to love & appreciate the body+life God's given them through discipline, balance, commitment & positivity.

This journey isn't free, it's GOING to require an investment.. both of your time and resources. But I can tell you this, if you commit & truly give it your all, you WILL experience results and be a better woman at the end of our time together.

Ask yourself this.. are you worth it?

So how does this work?
The 10 women who choose to join me in February will be part of a PRIVATE, online group of women only. These women come from ALL different backgrounds, different states (even countries) and no two look alike! We are unique individuals finding common ground through the pursuit of wellness.

What's your commitment?
-Give me just 30 minutes of your day to complete workouts from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your own home.
-Learn how to fuel your body with a simple meal plan that DOESN'T leave you starving and doesn't require you to count calories.
-Be willing to be vulnerable and transparent with an incredible group of women who need you as much as you need us.
-Commit to drinking a nutrient dense shake once a day that is going to fill your nutritional deficiencies.. oh and tastes like a milkshake

This challenge starts on February 8th and these first come first serve spots are *limited.* If you've been waiting for an opportunity and looking for a sign.. this is it, girlfriend.

I'm not look for ladies who are half in.. not sure about change. I'm looking to dive IN with women who are READY to embrace change and LOVE themselves to better serve the ones they care for.

I've helped many women reach their goals and be PROUD of themselves again.. I'd LOVE to help you do the same. If you're interested, drop your email below for additional information OR send me an email directly to .

And how about this? Do all of those amazing women in your life a favor and share this blog post with them.

Time to LOVE YOURSELF, ladies.

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