Best Kept Protein Secret: Cottage Cheese

Okay peeps... I tried cottage cheese for the first time today & I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised!

I knew the health benefits were spot on, but was curious what the taste/texture would be & if it would be something I'd want to eat regularly.

Let me break it down for ya, friends.


It's rich in protein!

It's recommended for expectant mommies and athletes because of the essential nutrients it contains.

 It's an excellent source of B12 vitamins that aid in various metabolic activities within our bodies.

It also contains lots of other vitamins and minerals that:
 help with digestion
aid and improve various biological functions
decreases stress and even cramps (thanks potassium)
maintains blood sugar (magnesium)
strengthens bones (calcium)


 It's thicker, like Greek yogurt.. With some chunks like feta cheese. It's a mild taste that can be used for sweet or savory combos.

Serving suggestion (for newbies especially):

Go sweet. Pair with granola for crunch and fruit for a natural sugar.

For my folks with no heart.. I mean SWEET TOOTH 😂 go savory: serve with tomatoes, cucumber and avocado- season with pepper!


Cottage cheese is CHEAPER than Greek yogurt. So add another protein option to your fridge and you wallet with thank you ✌️

Try new foods that FUEL your body.. You might even realize that you like them. ..

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