Growing Ghoens: Week 17 Bumpdate

Yesterday we wrapped up week 17, baby bear.

This week you eased up on the nausea & gave me 4 straight days of no throwing up (hallelujah).. we had our first big bowl of broccoli again in MONTHS thanks to dissipating food aversions.. & I think you let me feel you for the first time.

That rolling, fish deep in my tummy sensation was the coolest thing I think I've ever experienced before with my body. If it was you, please do it again & often. That little reminder that you're in there & growing strong gives me more joy than you could ever know!

Your room is finally painted, but we're on the hunt for the right lighting.
The color we chose is a perfect grey that looks totally normal in natural lighting, but gives off a purple hue at night..  don't worry, we'll figure it out if you're a little boy or hate purple. We finally cleared out the lingering guest room furniture (thanks to Mimi & Papa for storing it) from our entry way & assembled your rocking chair.

I just love sitting in your room & just thinking about what life is going to be like.. what YOU'RE going to be like.  How you will be our most mysterious, probably difficult & yet AMAZING adventure thus far.

Your dad talks to you all the time now, which is heart-melting & creepy all at once. Although I know you're the reason my belly is growing week to week, it still catches me off guard when your dad comes to touch you or talk to you.. my stomach has never had this much attention before, little one.

Speaking of things being creepy, are you as weirded out as I am when people want to touch you? If you've inherited ANY of my personal space beliefs or reservations then I know the answer is yes.
Baby cub, what's the most polite way to tell people not to touch our bump?
We'll talk more about that later as you get bigger, I guess :)

Okay little pumpkin.. We're starting a new routine back up with work + fitness + nutrition this week. Mom's got GOALS that she wants to tackle with you.. what do you say?

Next Up:

21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan + Workouts {2nd trimester edition}
Coming up with a new schedule for our 2017 business goals.
How does it feel to be second in charge? Pretty sweet?

Time to get healthier, stronger & tackle some achievements for our family while we help people!

I've got a got a good feeling about week 18, baby bear.

We love you to the moon & back!

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