Growing Ghoens: Week 18 Bumpdate

We officially wrapped up week 18, little one, so it's time for a recap!!

First of all, you're the size of a sweet potato, which is adorable.

And speaking of healthy carbs (ha), we successfully completed week ONE of our new, healthy meal plan & six of our seven 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts this week.
Mom was bad & skipped the yoga day because she's a cardio/weights junky, but I promise I'll start doing more of that in the future as we prep for your arrival!

Operation strong & healthy pregnancy is back in FULL swing.
Your dad hopes you come out doing some of our Insanity moves :)

I finished my hypnobirthing book this week (thanks Aunt Uli! I loved it) & am getting ready to start learning some exercises that should be really helpful during your grand appearance. How do you feel about visualization, baby bear? Because you're going to get to hear all about it!

 People surprisingly have lots of opinions about how you should bring babies into the world, but my goal is for a healthy, peaceful (as much as possible), uninterrupted & natural entrance. Although I'll do anything to make sure you arrive safely, mom & dad are still doing our best to give you a special, wholesome welcome to the world.

This week something happened seemingly overnight & my bump started to reallllly round out in my torso + firm up in my lower abdomen. What are you doing in there, babe? Growing like a weed?

We're out of most of our pre-pregnancy skinny jeans & workout bottoms now.. I hope you're appreciating the extra space in these maternity pants as much as I am! Talk about comfy :)

Did I mention yet that we took you to the beach this weekend & mom rocked a bikini?? I think you loved the warm sunshine & sound of the waves.. so peaceful & relaxing. I can't wait to take you there when the time comes!!

We ordered your nursery rug this week & are still looking for a dresser to put your teeny tiny little clothes in that I am MELTING over. Your closet is organized, big thanks to your dad, & we got a fun pouf ottoman that we'll use when you're getting rocked to sleep!

I still just sit in your room sometimes & visualize life once you're here. Your fur sisters are SUPER curious about your room & all of the items starting to accumulate in it.. they KNOW something new is on the horizon. I bet you'll think Moose & Tannyn are pretty cool.

Our favorite foods this week:
Yogurt Bowls
CHIPOTLE Bowls (twice!!)
..& lots of lime in our water

Energy is MUCH better during the day, sleeping is rough at night, dreams are VIVID & sickness is more minimal (only puking a few days a week). I haven't felt you very much lately so I'm ITCHING for your next ultrasound appointment at the end of this month. I can't wait to see your little face & watch you wiggle.

Baby bear, you have our hearts.
We love you so much & pray for you daily.
Stay safe, healthy & cozy in there.
And feel free to kick mom really hard whenever you're ready.

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