Growing Ghoens: Week 20 Bumpdate

Time for our Week 20 Bump Date.. & incase y'all didn't do the math, we're HALFWAY through this shindig!!

How did that happen already??

Okay, how about the highlights, baby bear..

- You play the bongos on my insides now & I LOVE it!
- You wake me up in the middle of the night to pee 10 times.. amongst all the other reasons we wake up at night.
- I finished reading a book about how to get you to sleep 12 hours by 12 weeks.. let's see if we can make it happen.
- We finished week THREE of our 21 Day Fix Extreme program.
- I started having to wear your dad's PJs the night after I took this photo. They fix PERFECTLY!

And the BIG one..

We had your 20 week ULTRASOUND & got to see your little hands & feet.

Your dad and I both got choked up watching you wiggle. It was the sweetest.

You did NOT want a profile shot of your little face, but we did get a quick peek.

The ultrasound technician said you weren't very cooperative, but I think it was further confirmation that you're my child.

We confirmed that our DNA testing was right & you're a precious baby GIRL!!

Mommy whipped up a sweet video of the ring test we did before Christmas + your original gender reveal & shared it with the world.

I cried half the time I was making your video & every time I watched it afterwards.

Sweet pea, you are SUCH a blessing to us!

Every time I think this just can't get any better, you surprise me somehow.

What we're eating lately:

BREAKFAST (protein pancakes, scrambled eggs & turkey bacon.. the works)
Tomatoes with pink himalayan sea salt. YUM!
Greenberry Shakeology with frozen mangos.. like a POPSICLE!

So here we are.
Over the hump.
Loving every minute of this adventure.
Imagining what it will be like to snuggle you.
Savoring this season.. take your time growing in there.
But know we can't wait to meet you.

Drum on, baby G. Your beats are my fave.

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