Growing Ghoens: Week 19 Bumpdate

Welcome to our week 19 "bump date."

Baby cub, you must've read my blog last week because this week, I got the most precious gift a few days ago.. BABY KICKS!!!!

*heart melting*

I started feeling them on Wednesday, but your daddy didn't get to feel them until a couple days later in the middle of the night.. that's when you seem to be most active, little one. Or maybe it's just when I notice it the most.

Do you get annoyed with my poking or squishing?
Your kicks are addicting - I couldn't just have one!! I promise I'll be gentle, but having the reassurance that you're moving around in my tummy is just the BEST!!

My belly grew even more this week, peanut.
And I officially ROCKED your bump this weekend for a wedding. It was my first time not hiding it at all (besides our secluded beach trip last weekend) & there was NO question about whether or not I was expecting a baby...
We got lots of questions about how excited we are for you to join our world :) 

Our 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts are going great, BUT we did slip up a couple of days on our meal plan. Yikes!! We're back at it though now. Gotta stay our healthiest!!

Night time is getting tougher - I can't really seem to get comfortable or fall into a deep sleep. We're going to have to get a little creative & start diffusing oils again.
I wonder if you like the smell of lavender & citrus like I do?

The countdown is ON to your next ultrasound.
In a matter of DAYS we'll get to see how much you've changed the past 8 weeks.
We even get to confirm your gender & share it soon with our friends & the rest of our family.

I'm little giddy to see your face, hands & feet.
To see your heart, spine & noggin.
To hear ALL is well & that you're growing strong.

Until then, we'll stay patient & soak up your kicks..
Mama & Papa bear love you, pumpkin!!

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