30 Day Pray for your Spouse Challenge

I wish I had thought about posting this earlier in the week, but better late than never!

A couple of years ago, my campus pastor's wife gave me a couple of sheets of paper. We were in the middle of a group marriage study, but she told me these pieces of paper were full of ways I could pray of my husband for 30 days.

I remember thinking initially "well, I'm already praying for him." But as I read through each daily prayer topic in private later, I realized how much more specifically I could be praying for my partner.

I embarked on a 30 day prayer journey, without telling my husband.
I lifted him up daily to the Father.
Praying over him with great intentionality.

And God answered.
Not overnight.
But over the course of these past two years, it's been amazing to see such progress in each & every topic unfold in the (spiritual) life of my precious husband.

I'm ready to do it again.
But not alone.
I'd like to partner with other sisters in Christ.

Remember - There is SO much power in prayer!!

Through prayer, we give thanks, ask for forgiveness & even seek protection for our spouse/marriages.

There is an evil one in our world - the devil - who the bible reminds us wants to steal, kill & destroy.
BUT, God intends our marriages to THRIVE.
And to reflect the gracious, selfless, sacrificial relationship between Christ & the church.
How BEAUTIFUL that is 

So let's commit to daily, intentional prayer this month.
We started on Thursday, March 15th, but you can absolutely join us now.

Simply add me as a friend on Facebook HERE & send me a message to join the 30 day prayer challenge!

 I'm so excited to hear how God is going to work!!

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