A Peek BACK to Inspire Others: #TransformationTuesday

These aren't the best quality photos, but you get the gist.

The girl on the left partied hard. Drank too much. Was an emotional eater. Had out of whack priorities. Enjoyed the gym, but didn't go enough. And felt SUPER insecure.. even though you would have never known it.

The girl on the right (older & pregnant, actually) enjoys life. Indulges in moderation. Knows healthy ways to cope with emotions/stress. Has more direction in life. Exercises to celebrate her body rather than punishing it for bad choices. And is proud of the woman she is still becoming.

There are a handful of years in between these two photos, but the major differences are.. I put the Lord first, made taking care of myself a priority, grasped the concept of a healthy mind/body/spirit & started pursuing things I love.

I didn't have to hire a personal trainer or life coach (nothing wrong with either).. I simply acknowledged my short-comings, recognized the change I needed, surrounded myself with positive people & did the work.

It wasn't rocket science. I didn't smoke myself on a daily basis.

I made small, consistent changes starting with fitness & nutrition that began to transform myself from the inside-out.
Which, in turn, began to impact the people around me.

Taking care of yourself creates a ripple effect..
Why the heck wouldn't you want to be your best self & help others?

I'm so grateful I took the plunge to change my life a few years ago. Which is positively impacting my family even today..
I only look back now to inspire others to move forward!!

Want to know how I did it & get started too?
Email lindseykollar@yahoo.com to join one of my accountability groups. Next opportunity is the beginning of March so reach out soon!

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