Growing Ghoens: Week 23 Bump Date

It's our week 23 bump date & I can't believe how quickly time is F L Y I N G!

I feel like you must be growing like a weed because our bump is creeping up higher & higher towards my rib cage.

Some mornings when I lay on my back, your kicks seem SO high! I love our morning time together before the day gets started..

Not only did I get to watch you kick this week, but you're moving so much now that my belly sometimes looks like it's doing the wave.

I LOVE it!
I'll try to share a video here sometime..

Our heart is so full, sweet girl.

We were MAJORLY blessed this week by someone from our church {anonymously} who decided to surprise us with your stroller from our registry.

Wow, God is good!!

If you're reading this post, thank you SO much for your generosity & love for our family! This meant more than you know.

See that lamp in your room?

Well, your dad helped pick it out & assembled it after church on Sunday. We sat in your chair to talk about where we should put it.. imagining rocking you to sleep at night & not wanting it's light to hurt your little eyes when you look up at us.

As real as you are to you dad & I, we can't fully imagine what life is going to be like when you're here. You will be our greatest adventure & responsibility.

And we don't take that lightly!!

Tuesday was Valentine's Day, little one.

I joked that I was going to give you a little treat or two because it meant that we both got to eat some of the chocolate covered fruit I made your dad :)

Your papa teej (my daddy) actually sent this little box of snoopy chocolates for the two of us too! He sure does adore you..

What did you think of the steak dinner we whipped up for our date night in?

Your dad was so sweet & cooked our meat extra long to be safe. He doesn't know that we almost lost a tooth eating it.. but it didn't matter to me because I love that he thinks of keeping us safe!!

Wednesday was your MiMi's birthday (my mommy). We spent the day with her having lunch, shopping for wedding dresses (your Auntie Lou is getting married soon) & then talking about the book of Judges in our weekly discipleship group.

We chatted about whether or not you hear us talk about God or read the gospel.

I want nothing more than to plant seeds now that will hopefully blossom one day into a beautiful relationship between you & Christ, sweet girl!

 Check out these sweet "woolies" you got from your Aunt Ali this week!! Your little piggies are going to be comfy & cozy in these precious little booties.

Momma would have never met Ali if it weren't for our coaching businesses.
Her friendship has meant so much to me (I'll tell you about it one day) & I can't wait for her to come scoop you up & meet you. 

Other than that, it was a pretty normal week for us.
Lots of exercising, food (several treats + some new healthy recipes) & time with family.

 I'm having such a fun time in this new season of life connecting with other mommas & mommas to be..

..gaining wisdom from them, building new friendships, helping them get healthy & even showing them how this business we're a part of can change life for their families.

It's simply amazing how God is so at work in every aspect of our lives.

Giving us what we need at the right time & aligning our paths with the right people at the right time.

His hands are all over our family.
Protecting, providing, correcting & directing us.

We surrender you to Him & know there's no safer place to be!!

Here's to wrapping up month 5, baby bear!

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