Growing Ghoens: Week 22 Bump Date

Here's our WEEK 22 Bump Date!!

And I decided to start sharing a few more photos here for those of you who may not follow me on FB or IG!

Sweet girl, I feel like you're growing & changing so much every week. But sometimes I wonder if you're hitting big spurts when some of my symptoms seem to get stronger.

This week, you gave me some serious projectile vomit in the mornings (about 3 times to be exact), extreme fatigue due to insomnia & mad heart burn.

Don't get me wrong, it's ALL worth it..
But what the heck are you doing in there, little one? :) 

Pretty much the only things that kept me mentally + emotionally grounded this week were my time with Jesus in the mornings & my time with your daddy at night. You'll see one day how centering they both are!

With the extra time we took to rest this week, I made an observation about one of your fur sisters.

You might not hear as much about our Moose girl, since she's a little more independent & to herself, but I promise she loves you too.

However, I think your sister Tannyn is starting to sense you.. or at least notice that something is different with me.

She is as snuggly as ever, but seems to be more careful when I play ball with her & has paid a little extra attention to my belly lately. 

Check out this precious moment..

I just know you two will hit it off!!

{Speaking of bellies, momma friends.

If you're not trying to hide the bump anymore + actually want to accentuate your new curves, here's a tip for ya..



I can't tell you how many double takes I got in this outfit over the weekend.. Plus a few sweet comments.

I bought my first pair of maternity shorts.. and they AREN'T too shabby!!
I had just made a Facebook post last week about how the only pair of non workout shorts that still fit were my bathing suit cover ups, so when I rolled up to Target a few days ago & saw these on the rack I got pretty pumped!

Another budget friendly tip for my pregnant readers out there..skirts are SO easy during the warmer months. And because I'm a bargain hunter, here's another tip for y'all.

I ran to H&M this weekend to check out their maternity gear.
Surprise surprise.. there's very little variety & it's all overpriced.

So I snagged a couple of regular, stretchy, mid-length, high waisted maxi skirts in black + grey for $12.99 each.

All I needed to do was snag a size up to accommodate for my belly now & the growth I still have to do over the next 4 months. LOVING them so far! And you canNOT beat that price tag!!}

Okay, back to you, cub!

This weekend your dad & I were making breakfast before we spent the day out in Destin together.. and we whipped up one of my (our?) FAVES!!

Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes

We started talking about what weekend traditions we want to start once you arrive..

When I was little, and even into my teenage years, it was ALWAYS one of my dad's ways of saying "I love you" when he'd make us girls breakfast on Saturday mornings. I NEVER outgrew those moments in the kitchen watching him make us heart shaped/colorful pancakes or miniature biscuits.
I'll cherish those memories forever..

We can't wait to do special things like this with you, sweet girl!!

Otherwise, this week was pretty "normal."

We worked out 5 times #HOLLA, ate lots of lettuce wraps, sent out thank you cards for some sweet gifts we got (thank you Tara & Cyndi) & did some shopping/planning for your room.

Your dresser is in the works & now we're picking out a stain color for the wood over the next couple of days.

Your dad hopes you love it so much that you'll want to keep it forever!

He sure does love you, little one!!

Well, that's all for this week, friends!!
Thank you for your continued prayers over our growing girl & family.
Keep them coming!!

Until next Monday's #GrowingGhoens bump date..

MUCH love

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