Growing Ghoens: Week 24 Bump-Date

It's our week 24 bump date & we're officially SIX months into this pregnancy, y'all!

We kicked things off during week 24 on a video chat with momma's business partners.

Then we dove into work!

We made LOTS of videos this week for some gals (fellow mommas mostly!) who are ready to dive into coaching to serve their families while they help others.

How cool is our job!?

I get to be home with YOU one day, while supporting our family financially, because we're helping women be healthy & start businesses that make a positive impact on other people!!


Otherwise, this week was full of breakfast food, some exercise (I missed 2 of 7 days), outdoor time & a fun day with family. Your Aunt Tecia & cousin Olivia came to see us from Georgia. ALL 9 of us girls got together for dinner (for THREE hours at Chick Fil A.. HA) to catch up & LAUGH!!

They even got to feel you a couple of times!!

Besides that, we had some mega heartburn, continued insomnia & achy hips/pelvic area.

Ofcourse there are not my favorite symptoms during pregnancy.. but they're awesome, in a way.

It's amazing to me how I haven't really changed my routine much at all, but my body continues to change all on it's own for YOU on a weekly basis.

And these symptoms are just a natural part of that process.

Anyone who thinks our bodies as women aren't MADE & equipped for childbirth is cray.

I was literally MADE to be your momma, baby bear!

On Tuesday we met with a midwife & really liked her.

She encouraged us to pursue a natural birth if that's what we really wanted & explained how she specifically would support us. She told us that the best ways to prepare for your arrival are to learn + practice breathing techniques daily & to research how the female body functions during labor so that I understand the process once we're in it.

I loved something that she said.

She told us not to listen to people's negative/horror stories.
There's truly nothing to fear in birth.
YES, it's going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.
And there will be pain.
But that my hardest experience in life is going to reward me..
..with my GREATEST gift!!

She is SO right..

Momma's special friend, Hollen, hit her due date this week.
So we decided to take her dinner to make things easier while they wait for their baby boy to arrive. I hope you two will be pals while we live here!!

We are truly so blessed to have such wonderful friends, baby girl.
They love you & pray for you often!

Over the weekend, we got to go sit by our neighbor's pool & do some reading.

Look how much mommy's body is changing!
We're going to need a maternity bathing suit STAT. Check out my belly button.. and widening hips!

Making room for you, little cantaloupe <3 font="" nbsp="">

Your Aunt Uli, Uncle Jeff & cousin Aspen showered you with some special gifts this week too. You even got some cute newborn hand-me-downs you'll get to wear in a few months! Hopefully, we'll get to visit with them again soon.

Your nursery is beginning to feel more & more like YOUR room rather than just A room. It's such a special place in our home now!!

That's it for now, I think.

Next time I post our weekly bump date it's going to be MARCH.. & before we know it, JUNE will be here!!

We're ready for you, babe.
Well, almost.
You keep growing healthy & strong in there.
Take your time.
And come when the time is right.
But we can't wait to smooch you!!

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